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You can get a wide range of electrical appliances for your home. You'll be benefiting from appliances made by quality brands and free delivery to your property. Get the electrical appliances you need today!

Electrical Appliances

When your fridge or freezer breaks down it can be a real problem. You need not worry as you can get repairs and servicing from New Moulton Electrical in Northampton. Have your appliances fixed fast and ready to use by contacting us.

Installing electrical appliances can be a difficult and heavy task. We make it easy for you with our free installations service for electrical appliances. Gas appliances need to be installed by a gas engineer and we'll help you find one locally.

Appliance Installations

Repairs & Servicing

Get electrical appliances

If you need electrical appliances or repairs and servicing in Northampton, let New Moulton Electrical give you a hand. You'll benefit from 45 years of electrical and gas appliance experience.